A Change(up) is Gonna Come

The Miami Marlins kick off a three-game home series against division rivals Atlanta Braves this Monday, but at this point, only bragging rights are at stake. As of press time, the Fish are dead last, some 22-and-a-half games back from the Washington Nationals and more than a dozen out from the wild card. The Braves, on the other hand, are still in contention. Unlike the Marlins, the Braves — skippered by former Marlins manager Freddy Gonzalez — have seemingly had their shit together all season long. However, it’s not to say that all is well at Turner Field. “Numbers don’t mean anything to me,” Braves second baseman and former Marlins star Dan Uggla recently told reporters. “I’m part of the team that got us where we are now.” Gonzalez benched Uggla after struggling at the plate, according to the Associated Press. The second baseman was caught off-guard. “He didn’t really explain anything to me,” Uggla said. “He just kind of said, ‘We’ve got to make a change.’ ” Speaking of change, maybe the Marlins can take the series.
Mon., Sept. 17, 7:10 p.m., 2012
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Victor Gonzalez
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