A Bit Sketchy

You might recall from grade school how Teddy Roosevelt led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill. The future prez busted a cap in a Spanish soldier, watching him fall like "a jackrabbit." American sailors, blockading Santiago Harbor, called their dustup with Spain a “turkey shoot.” Catch mementos of the Spanish-American War, our first stirrings as a superpower, at Casa Bacardi at UM’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies where a new show portrays life on the island during what the then-U.S. ambassador to England, John Hay, called a “splendid little war.”

Manuel Jorge Cutillas Cuba Exhibit: Illustrations of the Spanish-American War” features pictures depicting Cuban and American troops during the conflict printed in The Illustrated London News and other publications between 1895 and 1898. The collection, which captures the battles for Havana, Cienfuegos, Matanzas, Guantanamo Bay, San Juan, Santiago, and others, like postcard snapshots, is showing through August 25.
Aug. 16-25
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus