96. Vanessa Garcia

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Photo courtesy of Vanessa Garcia
96. Vanessa Garcia

If she hadn't become a vegetarian at the age 12, writer and visual artist Vanessa Garcia would be expressing herself via soufleés and wine sauce reductions instead of through words, canvas, and theater. She was lucky to have a Cuban/Spanish grandfather who exposed her to life's necessities at an early age. "I'm really glad that my grandfather is the type of person that puts knowledge on par with bread--you need them both." When they weren't drinking Cuban coffee and making aioli and baguettes from scratch, Vanessa's grandfather was teaching her about Picasso and Shakespeare. Years later, Garcia graduated from Columbia University summa cum laude, majoring in both English and art history. She returned home for her master's of fine arts in creative writing from the U and is now earning her PhD at the University of California, Irvine.

These days, Vanessa makes her way from coast to coast, jetting between Los Feliz, California and Miami, which she describes as "one of the most wonderful places to live." Although, she can call anywhere home, the writer/artist has traveled the world, from Japan to Ghana, picking up "a global vocabulary that informs her work--both written and visual." Her plays have been performed at the Arsht Center (Model City) and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland as well venues in New York and Amsterdam (Two Islands: Island Blogosphere & The Jewish Nun). Her fiction and non-fiction work has been published in everything from daily newspapers to esteemed literary journals. But it doesn't stop there. Her multifaceted artwork has been displayed everywhere from Art Basel to San Francisco and from Wynwood to New York. She continues to "mix beats with brushes and curtain calls" as director of The Krane, her theater/arts company.

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