90 Miles: Living in the Vortex at Dot Fiftyone Gallery through September 6

Sandra Ramos lifts viewers into rarefied air with her monumental light-box installation of photos depicting the span of ocean separating Cuba and South Florida. Her installation works as an allegorical walkway the public can navigate to shorten the distance between both tropical locales. The beguiling solo show takes its name from the core work comprising 12 photos the Cuban artist snapped from an airplane while flying between Miami and Havana in May of this year. Curated by local art critic Janet Batet, Ramos's show tinkers with the possibility of overcoming a half-century of separation and the anguish it has caused families on both sides of the Florida Straits. Focused on the ocean as a connecting curatorial thread linking the works on display, the show features two series — Sea of Sorrows (2004) and Secret Fears (2011) — reflecting the reverie-inducing atmosphere of Ramos's biographical universe. The artist conjures a distinctly unique vision where themes of impossibility, solitude, and ineffability seamlessly combine to transport viewers into otherworldly climes. The exhibition also features three animation videos addressing the obsession of escape at any cost.

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Carlos Suarez De Jesus