Ten Softest Rappers in the Game

Azealia Banks would be a really cool chick if she wasn't such a shit human being.
Azealia Banks would be a really cool chick if she wasn't such a shit human being.
Photo by Matt Barnes/Universal Music Group

The mainstream rap game is servin' up so many soft rappers, we should stop calling them MCs and start calling them TCBYs.

Have you listened to the hip-hop charts lately? It's like a damn 16-year-old girl's mix tape in this mess. Someone must have let the dogs out, because all we see in the streets is bitches.

Now, that's not to say the music is all bad. We kind of like some of this soft shit. But this is hip-hop, and softies are always trying to act like they're harder than they really are. It's time to keep it real and call these spades hoes or whatever.

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This one is a no-brainer, so we may as well get it out of the way ... Remember when he started the softest beef of all time by making fun of Jay Z for liking fondue? Did you see those awesome GIFs of Drake using his lint roller at the Toronto Raptors playoff game? How cute is Drizzy when he makes that giant, goofy smile? The cutest! The truth is no one ever tried to say Drake was hard, and we love everything about his frozen-yogurt ass.

Jaden Smith

Will Smith's kid is the new Bow Wow, but worse. Have you ever checked this kid's Twitter feed? It's like if Chicken Soup for the Soul were written for people who just took their first bong rip. You see Jaden in pictures, and he's always trying to act like he's so hard, posing with Justin Bieber, when he's clearly fighting a low IQ and/or an addiction to status. Granted, he's 15, and we're really glad Twitter wasn't around when we were 15. But we wouldn't be talkin' about no happy trees.

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