Letters to the Editor

From the issue of December 21, 2000

 Elections the Miami Way
The Electoral College of the Americas sets the standard: I really enjoyed "Professionalism in Politics" (December 14) and the Electoral College of the Americas. Indeed we should take Miami's political culture to a national level, as you suggest. Perhaps the nation could see to it that we have a magician who could use his Ouija board to interpret voters' thoughts. After all, we presently have so-called pregnant chads that were never penetrated and yet they're being called votes. Seems to me I recall back in the 1800s, when our Catholic Church explained the creed of our Virgin Mary, conceived free from sin, the non-Catholics of the world made fun and laughed at us about the doctrine of Immaculate Conception.

Now we announce the doctrine of the Immaculate Election, "conceived" without intent. Funny, but I don't hear too much laughing.

Dead people, people with no addresses, nonresidents, and more: Shall we all vote together? Yes, America, follow in Miami-Dade County's footsteps.

Ronald Rickey
Miami Beach

Truth the DeFede Way
Not to be confused with the 1 Herald Plaza invertebrate way: This letter is in response to Jim DeFede's article, An Uneasy Alliance" (December 7), about how Alex Penelas is working with Republicans to create a strong-mayor county government so he can run for mayor again. As usual Mr. DeFede has shown us readers the real angles of the politicians. The Miami Herald can't do that because none of their reporters have spines.

Note to Jim: Forget about any Christmas cards from the mayor's office.

Please keep telling us the real truth, not the truth the politicians tell the Herald to print.

Love and kisses from the cheap seats.

And by the way, Carlos Lacasa will become mayor of Miami-Dade County the day after I get breast implants!

Tommy Hawk

A Mayor for All the People
Well, for all the people of a certain background: Congratulations to Jim DeFede on his intelligence, investigative reporting, and patience in continuously trying to get the truth across in this banana republic. New Times is a pleasure to read.

Some people are so stubborn in their ignorance and so easy to manipulate that they believe Alex Penelas is the mayor of our whole community. They forget that he sided with one community, ignoring the rest, and that he had the audacity to defy the very nature and purpose of his position.

It's entertaining to find out just how shallow and blind some people are.

George S. Jones
via the Internet

Message to Penelas Supporters
Insert lemon, extract juice: I can't believe what I've been reading in the "Letters" section about Jim DeFede's articles on Mayor Penelas, "An Uneasy Alliance" and "The Dead-End Kid" (November 16). I must be living in la-la land! How could anyone defend the mayor as if he'd done nothing wrong? One reader wrote that Gore is viewed as Clinton's man, and since Cuban Americans tend to hate Clinton after the Elian Gonzalez saga, there was nothing Penelas could do about it. Oh, please!

In fact Gore opposed sending Elian back to Cuba. Even if he did that just to get Cuban votes, Penelas could've persuaded his own people to look the other way and vote for Gore, and so perhaps seal the deal in Miami-Dade County. But he didn't. Not only did Penelas turn his back on his own party, he turned his back on many Anglos and African Americans and maybe even Jewish Americans in Miami-Dade.

As for those readers who have criticized DeFede, I say go buy a rotten old lemon and suck on it. Penelas is a fraud. Period.

Jerry Brown

G. Holmes Braddock in Three Words
Codger, jerk, moron: While reading Rebecca Wakefield's story about the Miami-Dade County school board and the idea of an ethics commission for it ("Listen Here, You Boneheads, We Ain't Broke So Don't Try and Fix Us," December 7), I was taken aback by that doddering old codger, the retiring (but not soon enough!) G. Holmes Braddock.

His comments about "the public" (who stupidly re-elected this jerk time after time) were outrageous. As one who holds the public in such low esteem, it is no wonder he probably served them so poorly over the years. He even told the gathering of interested folks regarding ethics: "Who knows what right is? As far as I'm concerned, only one person knew what's right, and he got nailed to a cross." Talk about religious egomania. Didn't Mohammed, Moses, the Dalai Lama, and other religious prophets know what "right" was? Or is Braddock's messiah the only true answer to everlasting salvation? Talk about a small-minded moron!

Too bad we have to pay Braddock's pension. It's money thrown down a rat hole.

Harvey Slavin

Let Me Tell You About Socialism
It's not that ugly thing south of Key West: In response to Brett Sokol's two-part "Kulchur" column about Miami's Socialist Workers Party ("Socialism or Suntan," November 30 and December 7), it needs to be said often these days that socialism has nothing to do with communism. Cubans in Cuba literally don't know what socialism is. Too many of them wrongly think it involves repression of liberty and property and the principles embodied in our U.S. Bill of Rights.

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