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City ordinances prevent the owners from posting a sign where East-West Drive crosses the 79th Street Causeway. But in the estimable 79th Street tradition of packed-to-the-rafters predecessors Oggi Cafe and Cafe Prima Pasta, Cafe Tango is worth the hunt. And if you visit soon, you may not have to wait in line.

Side Dish
On the subject of tiramisu... Here's a new torture for us -- the espresso-infused mascarpone-and-ladyfingers concoction is now a liqueur. Never a huge fan of the stuff, I've sampled more tiramisu in the past few years than any other pastry. I refuse to drink it, too. And fortunately, I may never have the oppportunity. The big chain stores such as Gulf, Crown, Checkers, and Walgreens don't carry it. Even the trendy stores that do sell it are having trouble keeping it in stock. Proprietors Ricardo and Alla of the new liquor store-bar-cafe Niva (643 Washington Ave., South Beach) tell me it's practically impossible to get.

Last year's hot item, Godiva liqueur ($24.99), is all over the shelves, boxed with two matching glasses. How sweet. But then, this is what I love about the holidays A the packaging. Liquor gift sets galore. This year Goldschlager ($12.99), which includes a handblown crystal "candelabra" shot glass, and Courvoisier ($21.99), whose box lid is decorated with a cannon made from a miniature bottle of the cognac, number among the more interesting presents for the boozer in your life. You can also buy Bailey's Irish Cream ($17.99) in a decorative tin that's shaped like a churn; Bacardi black rum ($11.99) with a can of Borden eggnog; Fundador brandy ($14.99) with three Garcia y Vega cigars; B&B liqueur ($20.99) with jars of Paradigm brand "Haute Fudge Sauce" and "Raspberry Sauce"; and Martini & Rossi Asti ($10.99) with six Perugina chocolates. And to help you forget A I mean celebrate A New Year's Eve, both Cook's ($8.00) and Cordon Negro Freixenet ($13.89) are offering two-bottle gift sets. Tempting, I know. Personally, I'd go for the Freixenet. Not only am I sure how to pronounce it, a Freixenet Book of Toasts and Graces is included. Free! Yup, that holiday spirit is in the air.

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