Many years ago I knew Wright was on his way to a Pulitzer, and now I am here to say that White is traveling the same path. Whether you agree with him or not, he is not to be missed. Furthermore, I've changed my call to all readers from "Wright on!" to "Put some `White Space' in your life!"

Ron Martin

All the time I read the "Letters" in this newspaper. Every week we know what's going to happen on page two - complaint after complaint and back-and-forth rebuttals. I see the letter forum as an exercise in one-upmanship and the headlines created for each letter as a semi-creative attempt to label the letter writer's mindset.

How much more needs to be written before the complaints are replaced by solutions and actions? It's easy to criticize and blame. Either put up or shut up.

As we perceive, so shall we reap. If we lower ourselves to judging others unfavorably, or if we are cynical and seek to blame someone for something, then we become a person who spends his/her time doing just these things. It becomes who we are. If you're right and the other person's wrong, don't relish that and don't grind an ax. Instead, judge favorably and go about a constructive way of making your part of the world better.

Newspapers aren't the best place to have debates or discussions. In London I frequented Speaker's Corner, a section of Hyde Park where people gathered to participate as a listener or speaker. Anyone could speak, but in order to do so, was required to stand on a box or crate.

I would like to invite other letter writers (and would-be letter writers) to meet at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove, at the corner of South Bayshore Drive and McFarlane Road, on the Sunday immediately following the publication of this letter. This is a chance to meet and say what your solutions or ideas are. Marxists, Republicans, moderates, anarchists, or none of the above have ample room to discuss their ideas without fear of being assaulted. Let's do it!

Max Pearl
South Miami

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