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Mayorga Organics, Industry Leader in Organic Coffee, Unveils New Miami Production Facility

Since the mid-1990s, Mayorga Organics founder Martin Mayorga has been pursuing his two distinct but closely intertwined passions: gourmet coffee and the alleviation of poverty in Latin America. Nearly 23 years ago, Mayorga began importing and roasting coffee from small farmers, seeking to raise the bar when it came to the everyday cup of joe. In the years since, his company has grown at an exciting rate, supported by an ever-expanding customer base with an appreciation for Mayorga’s authentic engagement with small farmers throughout Latin America.

Now, Mayorga Organics has proudly announced their plans for an expansive facility in the heart of Miami, which will serve multiple purposes for the flourishing brand. While the facility will significantly support the company’s coffee manufacturing needs, it will also open its doors to the public to provide an enjoyable place to learn about and experience everything that the Mayorga Organics name stands for: high quality coffee with a focus on sustainability and fair prices to farmers as well as consumers.

Gourmet Coffee with a Globally-Oriented Mission

Since the birth of Mayorga Organics in 1996, founder Martin Mayorga has been dedicated to giving back to the Latin American community as much as possible. Through the trade of organic artisanal foods, the brand seeks to combat systemic poverty in Latin America, where Mayorga was born and spent much of his childhood.

Mayorga Organics was first founded with the goal to support the small coffee farmers of Nicaragua, eventually growing to work closely with family farmers all over Latin America. As Martin Mayorga states, “We exist to create market opportunities for our farmers,” but simply supporting them on an entrepreneurial scale has never been enough. He also believes that the company must do everything possible to be a genuinely good partner to the communities they seek to support.

Once the company had become a rising star in the industry, it quickly became apparent that organic coffee wasn’t just a luxury for the consumer, it was also a necessity for the health of the coffee farming communities that worked with Mayorga. After spending considerable time on the ground at small coffee farms throughout Latin America, Martin Mayorga discovered that the widespread use of fertilizers and pesticides had massive detrimental effects on both the people and their environment. The soil was deprived of nutrients, drinking water was contaminated, and toxic runoff was polluting children’s play areas, while farmers suffered from mysterious ailments and long-term symptoms.

It was this life-changing personal experience that solidly reinforced Mayorga’s belief in his choice to only produce and sell organic coffee. In addition to committing to organic farming practices, the brand has also founded a crop diversification program that is dedicated to providing new and diverse opportunities to Latin American farmers to create financial stability and adapt for the impacts of climate change. Since its launch, the program has grown at an impressive rate, with more than 4 million pounds of organic coffee as well as 4 million pounds of chia running through Mayorga’s facility this year. Mayorga plans to add cacao and other grains into its supply chain, with plans to pack most at its Miami facility.

A Premium Brew Created for the Discerning Coffee Lover

The unparalleled taste and quality of Mayorga Organics coffee, including their top-selling Café Cubano blend, has earned them a well-deserved place on the shelves of major retailers, including Whole Foods, Costco Wholesale, Amazon, and Giant Foods. In addition to longstanding relationships with these national retailers, Mayorga also works closely with more than 2,000 other grocers, restaurants, and retailers to make their coffee easily accessible to customers. Thanks to the customers’ persistent love and demand for Mayorga Organics coffee, the brand’s goal of further expansion became a reality this year.

An Exciting New Addition to Miami

This winter, Mayorga Organics will be opening a 33,000 square-foot facility in Miami, a dream that Martin Mayorga has held for a quarter of a century. Mayorga says, “I've wanted to have a presence in Miami since I launched Mayorga Cigars 25 years ago. My family called Miami home after we bounced around Latin America having escaped the Nicaraguan revolution. In Nicaragua and in Miami, the influence of the Cuban exiles became ingrained in my DNA." Miami holds an important place in his heart, and Mayorga strongly believes that the South Florida community is an ideal place to share the brand’s broader message of product quality, sustainability, and Latino pride.

The larger facility will serve as an extension of the company’s original base in Maryland, enabling distribution across America’s East Coast and providing new opportunities for both the company and its consumers. In addition to the thousands of Latin America farmers that already work with Mayorga Organics, it’s expected that the company will now be able to extend their positive impact with new and diversified products, including sustainably-sourced cacao, chia, quinoa, beans, and cold brewed coffee.

While manufacturing will be the brand’s primary function, the building is also being developed as a place to provide unique educational experiences for consumers. An open floor plan will allow for sweeping views of key production processes, while a coffee bar and retail showroom will feature classes, events, tours, and tastings open to the public. According to Clari Butman, Mayorga's Brand Manager, “Education and speaking openly about the realities of the agricultural industry in Latin America are hallmarks of the Mayorga philosophy. With the purpose to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America, it's important that we educate our consumers on the real issues, empowering them to be part of the solution by consuming our healthy, high quality products. Being in Miami, we can also have our producers come to give presentations and talk to our customers first-hand”.

Slated to begin production November 1st and open its doors to the public by December 1st, the new Mayorga Organics facility will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to Miami.

Learn More about Mayorga Organics

For more information about Mayorga Organics, including the company’s mission and where to purchase products, visit https://mayorgaorganics.com/.


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