So long, $4 brews. We'll miss you.
So long, $4 brews. We'll miss you.

Zeke's Roadhouse Closed for Good, Employees Say

Looks like Lincoln Road institution Zeke's Roadhouse has sold its last brew. Employees say that Sunday night was the beer den's final curtain, adding that they were told the owner is ready to move on.

We were unable to reach Zeke's proprietor for comment, but this isn't the first time the place has been shuttered. The brewhouse originally opened in the mid-'90s and then closed unexpectedly a few years later. Back then, owner Thelma Deutsch told New Times that her son Victor closed it down without warning but that she reopened it rather than sell it because "the community needed a place like this -- laid-back, low price, no pressure."

Bummer, Thelma, because the community still needs a place like that. Now there's one less spot on Lincoln Road to get a cheap drink and decent service.

No word on what's planned to take Zeke's place. Let's hope it's not another Starbucks.

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