Yes Pasta! in North Miami: Good Online Reviews But Oily Pasta

My friend Janet picks the eating places where we meet and shmooze a couple of times of month. She's usually good at it. She goes online, checks out the menu; parking, prices and then we enjoy a happy lunch together at her favorites picks.

The place she chose this week was located next to Publix and close to Costco in North Miami. Yes Pasta! Trattoria Italiana was clean, modern and empty. We stayed almost two hours and not one single client ventured into the place.

Next door at T.G.I. Friday's, it was packed. Several other eateries close by had clients too. This North Miami mall has had its share of renters these past few years including the very successful Paul Bakery. But Paul is gone and today many of the storefronts are empty.

Our un-noticeable waiter came by, gave us some very nice elaborate looking menus and left. I ordered a $5 beer, she had bottled water. The specials included pasta al salmone e vodka (pasta with smoke salmon in a vodka pink sauce) for $15.90.

Constolette di agnello con risotto ai funghi (lamb ribs with wild mushroom risotto) was priced at $25.90 and constolette di vitello al vino rosso (veal loin chop with red wine sauce served with vegetables) was $26.90.

Janet chose a half-dish plate of angel hair noodles and I picked a grilled chicken salad, $12. The menu description made both dishes sound delish. The reality was disappointing at best. Her pasta was drenched in so much oil, she had to ask for another bowl in which to transfer the pasta sans olio.

My salad was sad with four tiny slices of tomatoes, a weak and frankly tasteless vegetable dressing, a nice slice of cheese, a small handful of mixed greens that must have been purchased in a cellophane bag at the supermarket next door, surrounded with 6 very thin slices of dried out chicken. The chicken had to be at least three of four days old. I took the slices home to my Doberman. He has one-inch fangs which came in handy for chewing it.

The restaurant has been around for almost two years so they must have some patrons ... occasionally. We only tasted one dish each from the menu. I picked up the tab which came to $30.38. I've since gone on their site and the 27 reviews are positive.

I wish Yes Pasta! Trattoria Italiana well, but I know that my one and only experience there was one too many. No Pasta!

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