Wynwood Yard, the New Food and Activity Spot, Is Miami's Coolest Outdoor Hangout

Amid all the exciting happenings in Wynwood, you may have missed the grand opening of the Wynwood Yard, which took place at the end of November after some weather-related delays. That said, this pop-up space on NW 29th Street between NW First and North Miami avenues is certainly worth experiencing.

What you'll find in this spacious outdoor venue are four pop-up culinary concepts as well as a full-service bar. There's plenty of seating and more than enough room for children to run around. One of the food trucks parked here is Myumi, the omakase sushi truck that nabbed first place on New Times' list of ten best openings of 2015. The others are the Middle Eastern-inspired Arabian Knife; Vibe 305, which serves twists on Americana-influenced cuisine; and Della Test Kitchen, which offers plant-based "healthy bowls of happy." 

Indeed, the idea for the Wynwood Yard began when founder and CEO Della Heiman, a graduate of Harvard Business School, decided to move to Miami to open Della Test Kitchen. Her plan was to find a fixed location for her healthy and affordable fast-casual concept, but she discovered it was much harder than she imagined. She says the difficulty was partly due to ta lack of a support system for brick-and-mortar, consumer-based businesses in Miami. Consequently, the 28-year-old Cincinnati native decided to start a support system of her own by launching a culinary incubator and community hub for Miami's food, culture, design, and fitness entrepreneurs called the Wynwood Yard. 

Heiman signed a lease that expires July 2016, after which she will make a decision regarding the future of the Wynwood Yard. Come February, however, the three food trucks apart from Della Test Kitchen will be replaced by concepts that have yet to be revealed. As is the case with the current eateries, Heiman personally selected each of the food trucks. Still, she doesn't want people to simply think of the Wynwood Yard as a food truck roundup, but rather a place where people of various ages can congregate all day and to support local start-ups that in turn are supporting one another. 

The Wynwood Yard is open from 11 a.m. to  8 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and till 6 p.m. Sunday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the space doesn't close until 3 a.m. If you check out the Wynwood Yard's website, you'll find that the community hub also hosts children's cooking classes, live concerts, yoga sessions, speaker series, and additional activities that are always being updated. 

Heiman says the free Wi-Fi zone is a great spot for conducting business meetings, doing work, or simply hanging out with your friends or kids. The young entrepreneur has worked in the fields of political communications, textile manufacturing, and venture capital in the United States, Israel, Jordan, China, Ethiopia, Chile, and Spain and has nothing but kind words about Miami. "So far it has been such a warm welcome in Miami, and the energy and passion of so many of the visitors and community members has been overwhelming, and I feel so grateful to everyone," she says. 

Della Test Kitchen and the Wynwood Yard are Heiman's first foray into the food and hospitality industry, and she says she's enjoying every second of it. Part of the reason she decided to use a test kitchen approach to her culinary concept is so she and her team can improve upon their business model before growing the fast-casual health-food brand. And though the future of the Wynwood Yard isn't set in stone just yet, Heiman is a firm believer in her cause. "There's definitely a need for a culinary incubator in Miami, and that's something I always want to be involved with." 

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Valeria Nekhim was born in the Ukraine and raised in Montreal. She has lived in Manhattan and Miami. Her favorite part of food writing is learning the stories of chefs and restaurateurs.