Win Free Remy Martin V, Just Guess The Stars

Lee Klein's take on Remy V (and a cocktail recipe).

Remy Martin has just released a commercial for its line of cognacs. Typical for spirits campaigns, the commercial, entitled Staircase, features a beautiful power couple flirting over cocktails.

Celebrities tapped for this new campaign are none other than.....wait! It's too easy to just tell you, don't you think? Instead, let's ask you to think a little (yes, on a Friday). To reward you, we've got a bottle of Remy V and we're giving it to a lucky reader.

Just watch the following video and identify the two leads in the commercial, what they're famous for, and how, exactly, they are connected to each other (besides starring in the commercial together, wise guy).

Then, go to our Facebook page and post your answer. All correct answers will be put into a hat and one winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced on Monday morning at 9 a.m.

Oh, a few things...you must be 21 or over to enter this one particular contest (since we're giving away a bottle of spirits) and the winner must pick up the bottle (and show ID) at our offices at 4500 Biscayne Boulevard.

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