Win a Delicious Tee From Flavour Gallery

Using "nothing but the most delicious fabric available" (no, these tees are not actually edible), Flavour Gallery shirts are all culinary-themed -- attire truly fit for foodies. They produce lines for both the South Beach and New York wine and Food festivals, and will soon launch a new collection for the James Beard Foundation.

With styles that range from what looks like a hand-doodled tee labeled "mise en place" (depicting little drawings of bacon, parsley, carrots, etc.) to a shirt that could have been popular in California prior to the ban, loudly proclaiming, "touche pas a mon foie gras!" ("don't touch my foie gras!"), you can channel your inner chef or simply display your gastro-groupie status. The shirts come neatly wrapped in butcher's paper, so you'll feel like you bought your tee at the deli.

Flavour Gallery's company mantra states that "food is our favorite four-letter word," but at Miami New Times, free is our favorite. The company let us choose one shirt for a giveaway, so visit Short Order 's Facebook page and leave a comment about the Flavour Gallery post. A winner will be chosen at random. You'll be responsible for picking it up at our office, though, because the tee is free, but delivery isn't.

The winner will be chosen Wednesday at noon. (The shirt comes in only one size: women's medium.)

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