Wemerge Magazine is a burgeoning, free, local arts & entertainment magazine. It's new, and it's printed on real live glossy paper, made from real dead trees. Take that, stupid internet!

Page 1 of issue #5 contains a screed on the virtues of celery and takes up the banner of celery activism (see above). Acting in concert with the American Celery Association, a myspace entity they created as a microsite, they seek to spread knowledge of the benefits of the oft maligned vegetable with a distinct watery crunch.

Here's some more celery trivia Short Order found ourselves......

Wemerge Magazine's Celery Activism Crusade and Other Celery Trivia

  • According to Hippocrates, you know, that guy who was all into medicine and stuff, celery calms the nerves.
  • Celery contains androsterone, a pheremone, as in an aphrodisiac, that's why it's part of the Casanova Diet.
  • Celery, peppers and onions are considered the holy trinity of cajun cuisine.
  • Celery's association with the Bloody Mary apparently stems from its use as a drink stirrer by some guy at a hotel in Chicago in the 1960's.

Print media lives! Here is the Wemerge Magazine manifesto as it appears in issue #5's  letter from the editor.

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