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Waxys On The River Goes Reggae Wednesdays with Kulcha Shok Muzik

Every bar/restaurant that's into getting green should throw a good reggae night. What better for the kitchen than a high-life crowd of hungry people smoked out on the river?

Waxy's On The River (690 SW 1st Court) is taking a piece of the action with their new Reggae Wednesdays. $3 Budweisers, $4 Red Stripes, and $5 imperial pints of Guinness are the drink specials, and the kitchen rocks til 5 a.m. with signature Irish fare, bar style food, and casual upscales.

The restaurant has teamed with bashment kings Kulcha Shok Muzik to make Wednesdays on the river a reggae party. Short Order called everyday-hustling reggae promoter Lance O. to see how the deal was struck and get some info. Here's what he had to say:

"Each week it's gonna be Don Sha. Don Sha is a Latin American guy, solo artist, with a very good backing band, keys, a lady doing backing vocals, originals and covers. He's somewhat unknown but he actually is quite good.

"His standards is a little higher than most in my opinion. He'll do not-just the Bob Marley songs, but also Garnett Silk, and he'll do Luciano. Some people that don't know reggae that deep might think they're his own songs.

"Waxy's, I went there, it's very nice, very European feel with the wooden walls, great location, little hard to find, but right on the Miami River."

Short Order: What do you think about Irish food?

Lance: I'm actually Irish, but I don't particularly care for it.

SO: Did Waxy's approach you about doing the night?

L: Actually I went to them to interest them about reggae. Anytime I hear about a new venue I'm always trying to interest them in reggae. It just happened to be the right time, right place.

SO: What do you think about the food aspect of it?

L: Food always is an added experience, people love to eat, especially here in America. Mash and bangers, I don't know if they're doing anything like that, but I think it only adds to the experience.

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