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Vegan Caviar at The Dome

Next Wednesday, July 18, is National Caviar Day, a time when Americans all across the land pry open tins of exquisitely expensive Russian fish eggs and toast the holiday with chilled shots of vodka. Or maybe some people do what I do -- give a more subtle celebratory nod to the occasion by substituting a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for the caviar and lifting a glass of PBR.

No matter. What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that The Dome Restaurant & Caviar Bar has just come out with an expanded summer menu that includes vegan caviar. That's right: It is made entirely from seaweed and "contains no animal or fish products." (Which makes me wonder: is there such a thing as animal-based caviar? And if so, where can I get some?).

"I have been working on bringing in vegan caviar even before I opened my doors," says Dome owner Rachel Dominguez. "While I am not a full vegan/vegetarian," she adds, "I do believe in the dietary lifestyle and consider The Dome's Vegan Caviar an exciting addition."

The vegan version resembles Russian caviar in size, color, and appearance, The Dome's exclusive label comes in two flavors: salmon, and white sturgeon.Each sells for $12 per ounce on the menu, and can likewise be found in dishes such as vegan pasta with caviar. Starting tomorrow, the vegan caviar will also be available for purchase online: 4-ounce jars for $35.

The Dome, being a caviar bar, naturally offers the real stuff too, as well as small plates of creatively assembled foods. Much of the fare is locally sourced, and the new summer menu brings other vegan and vegetarian dishes, plus gluten-free options. Rachel: "We wanted to make a concentrated effort to provide menu options for all of our guests, regardless of their dietary needs."

I wonder how peanut butter & jelly caviar would taste.

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