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UPDATE: Travel Channel's Man V. Food Plans Live "Entertainment Extravaganza" in Miami for Superbowl

UPDATE: Burger & Beer Joint owner Buzzy Sklar has confirmed his restaurant's involvement in the Man V. Food Superbowl hoopla.

Man V. Food, a Travel Channel show chronicling the competitive eating adventures of host Adam Richman, is now promoting a live eating challenge event in Miami on the Wednesday before Superbowl.

You can visit the show's website for a sneak peek of the February 3 festivities, including Richman attacking the 48-oz steak challenge at Shula's and "2 hours of local food rivalries, a tailgate party and

sun-soaked Miami excitement." (Enthusiastic eaters can also enter a "Fan V. Food" photo contest on Facebook until February 2, for a chance to have their personal eating challenge photos picked to be broadcast live during the event on the following day.)

With two hours of airtime to fill, the rumors are flying online as to where else the gastronomic gorging will go down.  Eat Feats, a website that catalogs eating challenges at events and restaurants nationwide, has the play by play, including the Burger Beast's tweet that the program may include "K_____m." 

The Biscayne Boulevard corridor dive to which the Beast alludes is Kingdom, a past winner of best burger according to and home of the Doomsday.  Sure, a likely candidate.  But from the looks of the players around town, any one of Eat Feats' listings for Miami could also be fair game.  Burger & Beer Joint owner Buzzy Sklar put out a 10 pound Mother Burger challenge to the show when we interviewed him before his August opening.  Have the producers come a callin'?

Where do you think Travel Channel has scouted for this event of epic eating proportions?  Let us know in the comments section below, and we'll keep you posted on what we find out as the mystery unfolds.

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Jackie Sayet