Top 10 Strange and Funny Food Gag Gifts

Food sure can be funny, but you can't just smack someone with a pie in the face every time you need a good laugh. Here are our Top 10 strange and funny food gag gifts.

10. Lunch Lady Action Figure
Remember your lunch lady? Didn't she look a lot like this one? Here she is, ready for action. Not the kind of stabbing action we remember hearing about on the news when two lunch ladies in an argument over fried chicken left one dead at Carver Middle School in 1993, but action like scooping and serving.

9. Lil Tubby Action Figure
Hey look, a fat kid with goofy clothes, a four scoop ice cream cone, a corn dog and a lollipop. Let's watch more tv, play more video games, go outside less, and eat more sugar, drink more soda, scarf down more chips, donuts, cookies, hormone modified animal products, and processed foods. Hooray! BTW, this is nothing against us big folks, just the culture that feeds us this horrible shit.

8. Fake Plastic Potato Chips
Some games require chips, grownup games like poker and blackjack. Then there are the games that require fake plastic food reproductions. For those, somebody made these. One day the human species will wipe ourselves out, aliens will find stuff like this and think we were idiots.

7. Lego Food - apple, bread, cherry, croissant, fish
When socialism takes over America and the government replaces meat with food pills, they'll come in shapes like these.

6. Lego Donut Delivery 
That is the weed smokingest looking lego character ever. Look at the dilated pupils, burnout goatee, pot head smile. He's not delivering those donuts at all. He's eating them! Even his legs are green, like marijuana. His truck says good for the attitude, and his hand was designed to hold blunts. Anybody hiring donut deliver drivers?

5. Cafeteria Tray Earrings
Some broads have it all, but they probably don't have these awesome cafeteria tray earrings. Buy them for a friend girl and you'll probably get a hug and a thanks. Buy them for a girlfriend and you'll probably get a slap in the face.

4. 1950's American Diner Waitress Action Figure
1950's American diner nostalgia is a crock of shit. Any mention or glorification of that era that fails to recall the denial of civil rights to non-whites is historically remiss. That was one ugly, racist period in our history. Where's her "we don't serve your kind here" talk button? She looks like she bakes cookies for Klan parties.

3. WWE Hot Dog Cart
Because your wrestling action figures need somewhere to chill and grab a bite to eat when they're not in the ring, or eating steroids.
2. Stress Weiner
Are you stressed out? Squeeze the wiener. Tough day at the office? Squeeze the wiener. It's foam rubber, it's a hot dog, and you can bounce it off your coworkers forehead. Bored? Smack a kitty with your wiener. Buy a box for the office, wiener fight!

1. Electronic Yodeling Pickle
Sure, anybody in Miami with a couple bucks can buy a club and give it a stupid name, ahem Electric Pickle, but now you can own one too, an Electronic yodeling pickle that is. No idea what led to its invention, or why it exists, but that is one strange, funny, food gag of a gift.

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