Top 10 Funny Halloween Food and Candy Videos

Food, Halloween, funny, these are three things we here at Short Order live for. In honor of that we've rounded up our Top 10 funny Halloween food and candy videos. Enjoy.

10. Space Ghost at the Waffle House - Hey, a superhero's gotta eat.

9. Animated Vomit Pumpkins - What? You've never seen two talking pumpkins throw up on each other out of Halloween spirit.

8. MC Chris: Reese's Peanut Butter Rap - Because it's not everyday that you hear the socio-political history of American chocolate in a homemade rap video.

7. Cats Scared To Eat - What do you call a cat that's scared of a remote control plastic skeleton hand? Let's just say it rhymes with wussy.

6. Grossout Candy Kvetcher - The douchefactor on this 40 something dude shilling for You Tube ratings is off the richter. It's also kind of funny.

5. People Eating Guinea Pigs - And drinking some kind of blood.

4. Lady Denies Obama Kids Candy - She says Obama is scary!

3. FastFood James reacts to Halloween - Kind of like a cross between Dilbert, Milton from Office Space, and "the guy on the couch," from Half Baked.

2.Wine Show Opens With Halloween Kid Drinking Orange Juice - WTF?

1. MADtv Ms. Swan - This is like candy for your brain. Enjoy. Happy Halloween.

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