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The Five Best Matcha Green Tea Desserts in Miami

When it comes to green tea desserts, people tend to focus first on the dish’s aesthetic rather than its potential for fabulous flavor. But little do they know: The two are a matcha made in heaven.

The light emerald hue of matcha — finely grounded green tea powder — lends itself to a number of dessert recipes that boast its slightly nutty, rich aromatic earth taste. While there are a number of health benefits associated with matcha, Miami restaurants have remixed the full-bodied ingredient into sugary delights, some healthier than others.

Devotees of matcha green tea or those looking to expand their palates beyond scoops of standard vanilla ice cream or slices of chocolate cake are invited to take a bite of the following matcha-infused recipes that are steeping throughout the Magic City.
5. Matcha Green Tea Gelato at Latteria Italiana
Midtown’s quaint gelato shop located at 3301 NE First Ave., Latteria Italiana proffers a palatable selection of house-made artisanal gelato, ranging from dark-hued Ferrero Rocher to the pastel tropicalia. But a scoop of the chalky, velvety matcha tea flavor in a cup or cone makes for a perfect ending to a hearty Italian-imported pasta dish or melt-in-your-mouth piadina. Gelato prices start at $4.90 per serving.
4. Green Tea Crepe at Gyu-Kaku 
Everything you love about the feather-light, French-style pancakes grows tenfold at Gyu-Kaku, nestled in the Infinity at Brickell on 34 SW 13th St., Unit R1. When dining at this Japanese-style barbecue joint, don’t forget to save room for dessert. The fried banana cheesecake fritter or chocolate lava cake may seem like the best options; however, Lady M’s green tea mille crepes ($12) are the no-brainer here. Green tea powder is infused into every element of the delicate multilayered crepe, creating a smooth, luscious, and one-of-a-kind taste that pairs best with none other than green tea ice cream, served on the side.
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Maureen Aimee Mariano is a freelance food writer for Miami New Times. She earned a bachelor of science in journalism from the University of Florida before making her way back to the 305, the city that first fueled her insatiable appetite.