First Bites

Ten Reasons to Try Bellmont Restaurant in Coral Gables

Bellmónt Restaurant quietly opened on Miracle Mile last fall. On a busy street that seems to have a restaurant pop up weekly, it's not always easy to be the new kid on the block. Owner Sergio Catalina Bellmónt knows that fact firsthand. The restaurant was originally set up to be a bakery too, but he found himself throwing away fresh loaves and croissants at the end of the day. It has taken five months of trial and error to finally nail down what he believes to be the perfect recipe: a Spanish restaurant serving traditional tapas, killer wine, and special regional delicacies that can't be found everywhere.

Last week, the restaurant scrapped the bakery storefront and created a bar area. A projector screen, TV set, and more wine racks also are slated for the coming month. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Bellmónt is staying true to his homeland's cooking style with authentic flavors and traditional offerings. Check out ten reasons to try Bellmónt today.

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Cassie Glenn