Temple Kitchen: Try the Curry Favor Hot Pot With Coconut Milk and Edamame

From the multicolored walls to the rainbow-hued food, South Miami's Temple Kitchen is a colorful feast for the senses. And their menu, a vibrant, eclectic assortment of plant-strong creations, is everything a health-conscious eater could ask for.

The Curry Favor hot pot ($11), specifically, is a delightfully comforting, creamy alternative to your standard Subway or Jimmy John's midday meal. With eggplant, edamame, and coconut milk, it's fresh and filling.

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In full, the hot pot pairs homemade green curry with red chili, fresh mushrooms, eggplant, crunchy edamame, and creamy coconut milk. The mixture is served atop organic wild rice with a stunning, edible purple orchid.

With a hint of spice and a rich, flavorful finish, the hot pot is comfort food reimagined -- a winter warmer-upper (even if it's 80 degrees outside) with none of the artery-clogging nonsense.

To drink, Temple serves smoothies, juices, and infused water. The pretty pink-tinged rosewater blend ($4) is impossible to resist. They also have make-your-own salads, energy pots, parfaits, elixirs and more.

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