Sweet Times Are No Longer, Midtown Cafe Closes

The proliferation of bakeries in Midtown seems out of place, particularly if you actually live in Midtown (which I do) because everyone here seems to work out so much (I gave up on our gym, the machines are always taken). Yet, in this tiny five block radius there is Sweet Pointe Bakery, the soon to open Sweetcakes from Miami Shores, and Sweet Times, which has just closed, officially ending the bakery triumvirate before it even started.

They did have a slightly strange mix of menu offerings: sandwiches, dulce de leche flan and a mini sushi bar, sort of a restaurant personality disorder. Primo Pizza next door certainly had more Midtown lunch business, and with The Cheese Course, Lime, Sakaya and Five Guys all within a short walk, any fast-casual places opening in the area be advised - the competition is getting fierce.

There's no word yet on what's going to replace Sweet Times Cafe, but I'm making a plea for a true Japanese sushi joint (Toni's, are you listening? Just because World Resource Cafe didn't work out on SoBe...try bringing those spicy tuna rolls to this side of the water, please!) or, and this is a dream beyond all hope, a decent Chinese restaurant that has less gloss than Miss Yips, but more oomph than Kim's. Midtowners suffer without the provisions of a good egg roll, fried rice and dumpling delivery. I love the neighborhood but Chinese food is my scarecrow, I miss it most of all.

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Lesley Elliott
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