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Sprouted Chickpea Cakes at Metro Organic Bistro

For those of us not working (or discoing) at the car wash, dining there seems to be a pretty decent option. A recent trip to Karma Carwash, left us in a sublime zen state.

While our car was being scrubbed, we wanted some of our own personal attention, so we stumbled into the adjacent Metro Organic Bistro. Perhaps it had something to do with karma, but we decided to go vegetarian for this particular lunch. Thankfully, the organic bistro has several thoughtful meatless items.

The sprouted chickpea cakes ($15) were served as two layers of patties with creamy avocado holding the structure together, who needs frosting? The other fillings were organic heirloom tomatoes, butter beans and crisp red onion. A ring of lemon vinaigrette circled the cake and was there for your dipping pleasure. The proverbial cherry on top? Micro greens.

The patties were served hot, dense and packed a punch. The dish was a lot like an enormous, flattened, full of flavor falafel ball. The cakes were a beauty and our only sadness was that it didn't have candles to wish for good karma.

Although with this dish, our fate was sealed. We would be in a happy, healthy and full state after consumption. We picked up our newly cleaned ride, feeling like we also had a grand culinary cleansing. Without a doubt, the sprouted chickpea cakes are a dish that lets you have your cake and peace of mind, too.

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Carina Ost