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Sprouted Chef Cooking Class: Munch and Learn at the Wynwood Yard

Once a month, dozens of cooking utensils, raw ingredients, and plastic gloves are draped over five wooden tables in preparation for Sarah Myers’ cooking series, Sprouted Chef.

A little after 8 p.m., attendees, hungry to learn and munch, shuffle through the Wynwood Yard’s gates to find a seat. Every spot quickly fills, with eight people around each table. Myers positions herself in the center of the action, surrounded by a pop-up outdoor kitchen she built for the nighttime session.

“I love getting in and being a part of the community,” Myers says. “I’ve found that people really love coming out to these cooking classes.”

Myers, who calls herself the Sprouted Chef, holds monthly cooking classes at the Wynwood Yard. Her classes cover a variety of eats, including dim sum, Mexican salsas, and Italian pastries. “I’ve traveled the world as a chef,” she says. “I really want to bring a global aspect to my classes and highlight foods that aren’t as popular.”

She supplies fresh and organic ingredients for each class, aligning with her Sprouted Chef mentality. “I actually made the name up myself,” she says. “I was trying to capture my appreciation for produce and send out a healthy vibe with anything I’m associated with. Using vegetables is really my favorite thing.”

Classes run for about three hours and cost $25 to $35. Myers creates a budget based on reserved seats and then purchases produce accordingly. The ticket price allows Myers to break even in terms of preparation and food costs. “I try to keep it affordable,” she says, “and simple too. I prep everything myself beforehand and portion it out before class. But either way, I definitely want to try to keep these classes under $40.”

Though dishes might appear complicated to novices, Myers helps each participant re-create the featured plate. “I try to come around one at a time,” she says. “I usually have a picture of what the food is supposed to look like too. The last class I did got a little crazy because about 50 people showed up, but we all managed.”

Each class is designed to accommodate 24 to 30 guests. Myers says a smaller group allows her to give a more in-depth lesson on the history and significance of the highlighted cuisine. “The first class I held in January, I expected only about 25 people,” she laughs. “But so many more showed up. I’m definitely going to try to keep it small for future ones, though. I want to try to go deeper in terms of regional aspects of food.”

Though food takes center stage during her classes, Myers, who moved to Miami six months ago from New York, considers her teaching sessions social events too. “These are definitely for me as well," she laughs. "I want to be able to hang out with friends, drink, and have a good time without going to a club."

The next class is scheduled for March 3 and will focus on Italian food and dessert-making. Myers plans to partner with a pastry chef to help teach the art of tempering chocolate.

“I just want these cooking classes to be fun social events centered around food,” she says. “To me, food is love. Throwing a social dinner party, where I can teach and spread my knowledge about food, is just the best.”

Sprouted Chef Cooking Series
8 to 11 p.m. at the Wynwood Yard, 6 NW 29th St., Miami. Tickets cost $25 to $35. RSVP for the March 3 class via the Sprouted Chef Facebook page.

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