Snack King - Nuts About Florida Says "Old Nuts Are Bad For You"

Nuts About Florida products can be found all over the Sunshine State, from truck stops to mom-and-pop's, gas stations to grocery stores. If you want nuts in Miami, West Palm or Orlando, they got em. They are roasted and packed right here in Miami and distributed by Barnard Nut Company. They've got so many nuts in their different nut bags you could go nuts tryin to name them all. Nuts are high in protein and got other reasons they're good for you, so if you're looking for a healthy local snack, Nuts About Florida's got you covered, with their nuts. I spoke to a company executive, here's what he had to say....

"The company has been around since 1942. Mr. Barnard used to roast the nuts right here in South Florida. We get the best nuts imported from all over the world and we roast them right here in South Florida. We have over 72 products and we do our own distribution. We roast twice a week, sometimes twice every fifteen days. Business is excellent. We're doing really good. People are getting into a healthier system and changing their eating habits, going on diets. A lot of diets go with dry fruit and nuts. The people that get into nuts know that buying old nuts is bad for you, the nuts are rancid. If you eat old nuts instead of being good for you they're bad for you. We roast them today, we put them in the shop tomorrow. We take it one day at a time. We're tryin to do the best, to get you the best possible, freshest nut."

Wanna know more? Check out BarnardNut.com.

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