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Shokudo's Wok Club Lunch Showcases Pork Belly and Ceviche

If you're into Asian eats and friendly fellow foodies, the Hoh Wok Club is a social occasion you might be into. Hosted by local cooking instructor and food personality Eleanor Hoh, this sit-down lunch will showcase Shokudo, Buena Vista's highly lauded Japanese eatery, on August 25.

For $35 per person, attendees will eat a whole lineup of thoughtfully curated foods that include grilled pork belly, Soba noodle salad, 72-hour marinated Korean ribs and a sweet banana spring roll. More details on the tasty affair after the jump.

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"My subscribers and fans look forward to these well chosen restaurants because they know I'm very picky about where I bring them. Guests get to taste the best of what the restaurant has to offer so they'll want to go back and try more. I work out the menu with the chef and taste everything to make sure it's all good prior to the event," Hoh says.

The lunch will run from noon to 3 p.m., and in addition to the eats, social lubricants are available in the form of a $5 Sakitini or bottomless Mimosa for $18.

The tasting menu will include five courses, which are: grilled pork belly with heart of palm salad; green tea-infused Soba noodle salad; Manila ceviche with Cobia, mango and jalapeno; Kalbi - 72-hour Korean marinated ribs and for dessert, a sweet banana Turon spring roll with chocolate and jack fruit. You can check out all the menu details online on Hoh's site.

Hoh first discovered Shokudo when she read about their bamboo garden. " I went several times and really liked the atmosphere, food and remembered Yoko from Lincoln Rd. World Resource Cafe. I'm constantly on the lookout for good Asian restaurants, slim pickings in Miami," she told Short Order. (Yoko Takarada, owner and general manager, formerly owned World Resource Cafe.)

The gastronomic gatherings are laid back affairs, Hoh says. "Just a relaxing social and get introduced to Asian flavors guests may not be familiar with. You get to bring friends and meet new people who enjoy good Asian food. It's not about pigging out or costing a ton, I want it to be reasonable so anyone can afford to go and just have a good time."

Seating is limited to 50, and it's first come, first served, so get signed up soon if you want in. No dietary substitutions, though, so keep that in mind when checking out the menu. Email [email protected] to sign up, then call Shokudo directly at 305-758-7782 to make the official reservation. Tickets are $35 per person, tax and tip included.

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