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Setai's New Cocktail Menu May Make You Squeal With Delight

Hold on to your curly little tails, folks. It's no secret that pork flavors have somehow made their way into the world of trendy cocktails (still haven't tried a Bacontini or Bacon Bloody Mary?), so perhaps it was just a matter of time before the essence of our favorite squealers found The Setai's Bar & Courtyard, The Grill and The Restaurant.

Mixologist Paul Sevigny, the mastermind behind the new cocktail menu, already gave Miami New Times' Jacob Katel a step-by-step prep show for his Saigon Gimlet and Aviation, But now it's time for the real meaty stuff: the Hickory Old Fashioned and Asian Picnic. Both feature an intriguing combination of citrus and pork. Hickory has bacon- and sage-infused Wild Turkey Bourbon, honey syrup, and orange bitter, and is garnished with a flamed orange peel. The Asian Picnic offers smoked pork belly-infused Jack Daniels Bourbon, chile syrup, compressed watermelon, citrus, and shiso.

Now don't expect all this liquid luxury to come cheap: These new cocktails range from $14 to $20. However, if you insist on trying all Sevigny's new libations, you may wish to consider The Setai's Early Booking promotion, offering guests 15 to 20 percent off the best room rates. (Just call 305-520-6110 or e-mail [email protected] and tell 'em Miss Piggy sent you.)

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Riki Altman