Prometheus Springs is a Cool Hot Cold Drink

Prometheus Springs is a relatively new organic soft drink that's arguably the spiciest beverage to ever hit the market. The heat generator is capsaicin -- derived from the namesake chili pepper and loaded with antioxidants. Founder Rahul Panchal, a believer in the ayurvedic principle of food as medicine, claims capsaicin "boosts your metabolism and elevates your mood by releasing endorphins for a happy healthy high". I don't know that I got a high from drinking Prometheus' Lychee Wasabi drink first thing the other morning, but it sure did wake me up. "It's not for the timid or the weak," says Panchal.

Other flavors are Pomegranate Black Pepper and Lemon Ginger, the last seeming a bit milder than the other two. I think all three taste great, and can also attest that they work fantastically well as cocktail mixers -- although adding alcohol admittedly undercuts the ayurvedic cred a bit.

Prometheus Springs is being sold for $2.49 apiece at the Whole Foods in South Beach, and goes for about the same at Apple A Day on Alton Road. Stock is low at the latter, but the owner is ordering more. I should note that I received my sampling of the three flavors for free. Lest you suspect that this has somehow tilted my opinion favorably, let me assure you that I would never taint my integrity, which I hold so dear to my heart, for a measly $7.50. In fact, I would probably insist on at least twice that much.

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