Plato Royale: Guacamole at Talavera and Rosa Mexicano

Guacamole dates back to the Aztecs. These days, it can be found in variations with fruit -- like at Mercadito in Midtown  -- bacon as at El Scorpion (bacon) -- and at Talavera (pork rinds). Short Order took the guacamole at Talavera and at New York-based chain Rosa Mexicano - known for its tableside guacamole service - and put them to the test.

Guacamole - Talavera ($11)

Pros: The guacamole at Talavera is made to order and arrives to the table looking beautiful in a ceramic blue-and-white molcajete. While we prefer a more basic guacamole preparation, the pork rinds and queso fresco that top the guacamole add and interesting texture and flavor to the creamy green dip.

Cons: When Talavera first opened, the guacamole was served with baked chips that were somewhat dry and cracker-like and made us long for just good old tortilla chips. The restaurant now serves a combination of those chips and blue corn tortilla chips which helps.

Guacamole en Molcajete - Rosa Mexicano ($12)

Pros: Freshly prepared tableside on a rolling cart, Rosa's guacamole is prepared with avocado, tomato, onions, jalapeños (quantity depends on the heat level you choose), salt and cilantro. Its chunkier consistency was a plus for us who favor it over creamier versions.

Cons: While tableside preparation may be a nice touch, the end result is never quite the same. Minor variations are understandable, of course, since different people prepare it every time, but on a given visit the variation may be so great that you'll quickly fall out of love with this guacamole.

Verdict: While Talavera's guacamole is a flavorful starter and one Short Order would have no qualms ordering it, the chunkier, more brightly flavored version at Rosa Mexicano was more satisfying.


2299 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables


Rosa Mexicano

900 South Miami Avenue, Miami


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