Paul and Young Ron Cooking With Coolio Interview This Morning

Shaka Zulu mayne, it's the ghetto gourmet, Coolio, and he's got a new cookbook, Cookin' With Coolio.

Coolio was interviewed this morning on the Paul and Young Ron Show on Big 105.9 FM. Young Ron said he wouldn't want some rapper cooking for him or teaching him how. He said something along the lines of "I don't want some rapper to go Superman some ho and then touch my food." Paul Castronovo found Coolio to be a funny dude.

Coolio does fusion cooking, "Mexitalian, Blasian (black and asian), and Ghettalian (ghetto Italian)."

He told Paul and Young Ron, "I'm a certified kitchen pimp, I got chickens right now at my front door waitin to get into my pot.

"You dont have to be a rich man to eat well, it's okay to get in the kitchen and experiment and do things.

"The book is laugh out loud funny, but at the same time it's really practical.


like my food better than I like anybody else's man. I'm not gonna be a

celebrity for ever, at some point Im gonna be a pretty much normal

person. I'ma have to do some things for myself.

"A lot of

cookbooks are too complicated, I just try to break it down to the

essence and keep it hood. Five-star meals at a one-star price."

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