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Panther Coffee Alum Opens Downtown Miami Coffeeshop All Day

Camila Ramos' long awaited coffeeshop All Day (1035 N. Miami Ave., 305-699-3447) opened earlier this month in a bright, yawning space sandwiched between The Corner bar and Fooq's. In recent years the Cuban-born Ramos has emerged as the next great thing in Miami's nascent coffee scene despite only a handful...
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Camila Ramos' long-awaited coffeeshop All Day (1035 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-699-EGGS) opened earlier this month in a bright, yawning space sandwiched between the Corner bar and Fooq's.

In recent years, the Cuban-born Ramos has emerged as the next great thing in Miami's nascent coffee scene despite only a handful of years in the business. Her first job pulling espresso was at Gainesville's Volta in 2008, according to a 2014 interview with the website Sprudge. She would later move to Miami and bartend for a couple of years before joining Panther Coffee in June 2011 weeks before its opening. She became director of Panther's retail operations while competing in a handful of competitions giving her national notoriety. 

Then, in 2014 while ranked among the nation's top baristas she was named one of Eater's 2014 Young Guns alongside the likes of Contra's Fabian von Hauske. The accolades seem to have helped provide the confidence to strike out on her own, partnering with Corner owner Chris MacLeod. 
Though open to the public for two weeks Ramos has declined multiple interviews. "We want to make sure everything is dialed in first," she said. Punny. "Dialing in" is a terms baristas use to describe the process of finding the right balance of grind size, brew ratio, and timing to yield the perfect espresso.

Nevertheless, All Day is undoubtedly the city's most alluring place to grab a pour over ($5) or cortado ($4.25) of beans from roasters spread across the country. It's a stark white space accented by tufted green banquettes and small wooden tables inlaid with marble disks. Gnarled, petrified tree limbs dangle at the center of the two-story space. A neon green sign offers the shop's ten drink options ranging from a double shot of Ethiopian Sidama by coffee roaster Per'la ($3.25) to a nitrogen-infused Brooklyn brew by Toby's Estate Coffee ($5.30 to $7.50). The latter offers a chocolate colored cup that cascades with tiny, oatmeal colored bubbles similar to a pint of Guinness.
Baristas also ask if you prefer your milked drinks wet or dry. Know your preference. Wet comes with more creamy, hot milk while dry has a thicker cap of froth.

There's also a productive kitchen here overseen by former Gigi chef Charles Lutka, who was also a sous chef at Michael White's Marea in New York City. Alongside house made pastries there are soft-scrambled eggs laced with tongue-scorching merguez ($14) and French toast ($13) doused in a tres leches batter. A brief, "after five" menu follows with pink shrimp and blue grits ($17) as well as pork belly with anchovies and Calabrian chilies ($11).
As the French toast might hint, Ramos has infused a good dose of Cuban sensibilities into the place. The pan con croqueta ($10) might be the city's next great sandwich thanks to the combination of ham croquetas, gouda cheese, egg spread, and pickles. Grab one from the to-go window facing the sidewalk. And as you wait, enjoy the sight of strung out people from the neighboring clubs and the handlebar-mustached hipsters sauntering by. 

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