Organic Water? We're Not Buyin' It

​We are skeptical of health food companies touting organic food. Too much if it is aimed at neurotic health nuts and righteous pseudo-hippies. One company has particularly made us rethink that organic purple carrot juice we bought at Whole Foods.

At last week's Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., Llanllyr Source Water peddled "organic water." According to Llanllyr's Web site, the water is sourced under organic fields in Wales.

Well heads up: organic water just doesn't exist.

If you take the definition of organic (living chemical compounds containing carbon), add the molecular formula for water (H2O, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom as per elementary school science), you get... NOT organic. It's science. Facts.

Drinking plain ol' tap water, on the other hand, never did anyone any harm, did it? If you're not into conspiracy theories, you know it won't have any type of hormones, chemicals, or synthetic materials inserted into it right? Plus, you'll be doing the environment an even bigger favor by saving it from the production and later, waste, of millions of plastic and glass bottles.

Sorry Llanllyr. But hey, we''ll call you if we need some organic dirt.

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