Oktoberfest Without Beer

The beginning of the PR release looked promising:

Prime Blue Grille is celebrating Oktoberfest – in true Prime Blue Grille fashion – with the return of their popular program Endless Pours, every Saturday and Sunday in October.”

Wow! In honor of the great beer fest the steak house would be offering endless pours of lagers and stouts and such -- no doubt a classy place like this has some nice imported brews on tap!

But nooooo....that would make too much sense.

Apparently Oktoberfest -- “in true Prime Blue Grille fashion” -- means complimentary pours of wine. Yes, all right, it’s German wines, but still...

The irritating release goes on to inform that this deal was originally used, last year, to promote the restaurant’s one-year anniversary. Jim Dunn of WellDunn Restaurant Group, however, reasoned that “Waiting a year until our next anniversary was just too far off; when we looked at upcoming holidays and events, Oktoberfest seemed like a natural fit.”

In unrelated news, Prime Blue Grille has announced it is now accepting reservations for its’ special July 4th Barbecue Dinner scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, and that it will be offering free chocolate bunnies with every meal purchased during Chanukah.

-- Lee Klein

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