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New York's Milk Burger Coming to Miami, Maybe

Word on the street is that New York burger joint, Milk Burger, is opening up an outpost in Miami.

While we couldn't reach anyone to confirm the details of where or when to expect the opening, a Twitter account was created with the handle @MilkBurgerMiami and on December 14, the account holder Tweeted, "Welcome to our Milk Burger Miami Twitter account. We're gearing up for our migration into the sunny state of Florida! Stay tuned..."

A website with Miami in the URL is also listed but the section of the site has not been made live as of yet.

Milk Burger first opened in East Harlem in April of 2011. Founder and CEO, Erik Mayor said he saw the success of Five Guys and Shake Shack, and chose to create a better burger with "the freshest" ingredients possible.

A note from Mayor on Milk Burger's website reads, "We are expanding into new locations in order to bring our great tasting burgers to other neighborhoods throughout New York and abroad."

Indeed, Milk Burger is on the same commercial wave-length as Shake Shack -- even going so far as denying accusations in July of 2011 that they ripped off Shake Shack's logo, menu stylizing, and restaurant concept.

Milk Burger sells burgers (the typical single, or double, or single/double cheeseburger, with or without bacon, and so on), and they also serve different varieties like the Hawaiian burger with ham and pineapple or the jalapeño burger with relish and jack cheese. Milk Burger's price point usually runs between $3.25 to $7.25 per burger. They also deliver.

Chocolate, coffee, and vanilla-flavored milk shakes and cheese sauce fries also make up the menu. If it sounds a lot like Shake Shack's items, does Miami have room for a competitor?

Short Order will keep updating as we hear more news of Milk Burger's Miami outpost.

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