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New Tropical Trios at Pollo Tropical: Wings, Ribs, Chicken, or Steak & 2 Sides for $7.99

It was the breast of times, but not the wurst of times, because Pollo Tropical has got chicken on lock, but they're not slanging sausage.

Cash in your gut check with Pollo Tropical's new Tropical Trios, any combination of 3 wings, a quarter rack of ribs, a quarter grilled chicken, or a half a churrasco steak, and 2 sides for $7.99.

The way the press release we received via email was worded it seemed like you could get four items for the price of three. When we called company representative Jack Wolfe from Impact Miami Public Relations he said "Its four you can choose from, but you only get three, other than that it would be a cuatro and I dont think we've invented that yet...but you also get the two sides. I had one yesterday. I had the chicken, wings, and steak. It was pretty good."

According to their website Pollo Tropical has 33 Miami-Dade locations. log on to for more info.

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Jacob Katel
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