Interior seating at My Ceviche in Brickell
Interior seating at My Ceviche in Brickell

My Ceviche Brickell Opens Today: Sam Gorenstein Reveals What's New (Photos)

Certain things make ceviche taste better: the crunch of spiced popcorn, the piquant flavors of chili peppers, the burst of citrus from a squeeze of orange or lime.

But the menu at the new My Ceviche has something else -- something beyond the red onions, herbs, and aji. At the S. Miami Ave. location, which debuts today, ceviche is also paired with quinoa and rice.

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"After operating in South Beach, we noticed a lot of people asking for a side of rice with their ceviches. In Brickell, we've added ceviche bowls to the menu. There's also an addition of quinoa bowls and burritos stuffed with quinoa," says Sam Gorenstein, who co-owns the seafood concept alongside partner Roger Duarte. (Duarte and his stone crab company, George Stone Crab, were the subject of a recent story in Businessweek.)

The ceviche bowls are available with fish, octopus, shrimp, or a combination of all three. These can be layered atop coconut-jasmine rice, mixed lettuces, or cilantro-quinoa ($9.95). Burrito bowls are proffered at the same price, but with cooked seafood options and the additional option of tuna ($11.95). The rest of the menu is identical to SoBe.

Menu and the signature fish at My Ceviche in Brickell
Menu and the signature fish at My Ceviche in Brickell
All photos by Emily Codik

For the duo, the biggest change is the eatery's seating. SoBe is a to-go concept; Brickell has 32 seats. This includes bar chairs by a window ledge, communal tables, and outdoor seats on the patio near the sidewalk.

But there's also a runner. "We have the same service-style as South Beach here, except there will be a runner taking orders to tables," says Gorenstein. "This is more fast casual."

There will be beers, including signature Micheladas. There's also a complimentary condiment station and private-labeled My Ceviche water bottles. There won't be a soda machine, though. Because, as Gorenstein puts it: "That's disgusting."

Sauce station at the new My Ceviche
Sauce station at the new My Ceviche
Patio seating at Brickell's My Ceviche
Patio seating at Brickell's My Ceviche

Plans are to continue the brand's expansion. Businessweek reports that the pair intends to open two locations at the Miami International Airport and another in New York. Then there is the goal of franchising.

Gorenstein is more reluctant to speak of future endeavors, though he admits more is coming soon. When asked how he will divide his time between the two locations, he says: "I'll be flying, but I'll be stuck here while we get up and running."

My Ceviche Brickell will be open seven days a week, from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Delivery beginning early April will span downtown and Brickell with additional charges for Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne and midtown. No minimum is required, but a $3 to $5 charge will be assessed to delivery orders.

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