Movie Sex Advice, Cheating Husbands, and More at the Thanksgiving Table

As important as Thanksgiving is to us, there are surprisingly few movies that focus on this foodcentric holiday.  Maybe it's because we're too busy eating. Or perhaps it's that watching people eat isn't, um, cinematic. In any case, these scenes will fill you with love, anxiety, embarrassment or all of the above. So take a gander.

Scent of a Woman (1992)

How do you make Thanksgiving more uncomfortable than it already is? Add a blind uncle who decides to give sexual advice to his young nephew at the dinner table. That's a good time to take an extra bite of turkey......shouldn't speak with your mouth full, remember?

Avalon (1990)

You know your turkey is fresh if your grandma killed it.....even if she doesn't eat turkey the rest of the year. Even if your grandma's not Polish, we know you've wondered....

The Ice Storm (1997)

Christina Ricci offers up a different type of grace that is more guilt-laden than thankful. But then again; cheating spouses, alcoholism and electrocution can do that to a child. Not recommended if you are looking for a feel good movie....

What's Cooking (2000)

Four dinner tables, four families and too many different characters to count. Forget about the people in this one and focus on the food; 4 turkeys and colorful sides as we get a sneak peek into what goes on a Vietnamese, Latino , African-American and Jewish Thanksgiving table. Hold the sound and cue the drooling.

Home for the Holidays (1995)

Your uptight sister as a meltdown. The turkey flies across the room and into her lap. Her starched dress is ruined. Everyone is crying, screaming and laughing.; Some crazy relative caught it all on camera. Now that's something to be thankful for.

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Christina Staalstrom