Michelle Bernstein Wants You to Take a Selfie With a Veggie
Courtesy of Michelle Bernstein

Michelle Bernstein Wants You to Take a Selfie With a Veggie

Michelle Bernstein, the James Beard Award-winning chef, cares about what you eat. That's why she wants you to take a selfie with your favorite produce and tag #DrinkGoodDoGood. 

Bernstein is the Miami ambassador for the Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign, which will donate up to 500,000 pounds of produce to food deserts across the nation. 

Food deserts affect nearly 24 million Americans, according to the juice and smoothie brand Naked Juice. Two hundred fifty thousand are Miami-Dade County residents.

"When you see the numbers of how far people have to go to get locally grown produce in our town, it's kind of shocking," she says.

For each tagged selfie, Naked Juice pledges to donate the equivalent of ten pounds of produce to Wholesome Wave, an organization that helps create affordable access to fresh, local, and regional food to those with limited access. From Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York City, Boston, and Miami, Wholesome Wave will distribute the donated produce throughout their network of ten cities across the country. 

"I think knowledge is power," she says. "I think this has really made people aware of the problem and situation and given them ways to help. It's a great start. The more we learn and help, the greater our communities will be."

Fighting food deserts is a cause close to Bernstein's heart. She has worked with Wholesome Wave in the past and continues to work on ways to make farmers' markets more accessible in urban communities. "Bringing foods closer to groups of people who don’t have access or bringing foods into kids' public schools, whatever it might be to just get people to care and find out more about this is what we need to focus on," she says.

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Photo via Adrian Grenier Facebook
She's not alone. Fan favorites like Adrian Grenier, Common, Tom Colicchio, and Michael Voltaggio have selfied for the cause too. 

For Bernstein, the best part about this movement is how easy it is to get involved. "It's pretty simple and all about social media and outreach," she says. "People have been so behind me, but of course I'd love to see more involvement. I want to see more people join in and talk about it."

All you have to do is take a photo holding a fruit or vegetable, tag a friend, and include #DrinkGoodDoGood. "Pucker up those lips and put it next to a fruit or vegetable and hashtag," she says. "We can really do good for the community, for people who don't get to touch all of the fruits and vegetables."

The campaign ends in mid-October. 

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