Michelle Bernstein Leaving the Omphoy: "The Drive Was Really Nice"

We have but a pithy press release that states the following:

"As of February 1, 2012, Chef Michelle Bernstein will no longer be involved with The Omphoy Ocean Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. She and husband/partner David Martinez continue to own/operate Sra. Martinez, Michy's, and Crumb on Parchment in Miami."

The Omphoy is tucked into an exclusive property, and Bernstein was a consultant more than a chef (meaning she would most likely not be found in the Omphoy kitchen very often). It didn't make sense for Miami locals to go to all of that trouble for a secondhand Bernstein when we have her more hands-on aforementioned properties to visit right here. So the Omphoy's loss shouldn't affect you or me very much at all.

Just the same, I put in a query to the chef to see if she had something to say about the departure. To make things easier, I suggested she might say something along the lines of "It was just too damn long a drive!"

She responded to my request for a comment by saying, "As much as I'd love to, I cannot. But the drive was really nice..."

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