Marzipan Pigs For Good Luck

If you've been to Northern Europe for Christmas, you've probably seen tons of little marzipan pigs in store windows. What's the obsession with these sweet little piggies?

The confection, made of sugary almond paste in the shape of a pig, is a symbol of good luck in Germany, Norway and Denmark. It is left in stockings to bring fortune in the year to come.

In Sweden and Norway, the Christmas porridge dessert has one almond in it and whoever gets the almond wins the lucky pig. Although to win it you usually eat half the porridge and end up feeling like a pig.

Marzipan originated in Persia and was then seen as a sweet extravagance. Today this

paste is more common and can even be found in your local grocer so you can make your own pig by following the instructional video.

Or you can head down to Mainzer's German Deli and pick up a Christmas pig of your very own.

Mainzer's German Deli
12113 S Dixie Highway, Miami

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