Mango's wings
Mango's wings
John Zur

Mango's Tropical Cafe: A Tourist Trap Revisited

If you live in Miami, you might have forgotten what it was like when you first moved here. You did, you know, tourist things such as enjoying a

night out at Mango's Tropical Café. The Ocean Drive institution is known for

its colorful cast of character patrons, shows, and scantily-clad staff. But how

often is Mango's recommended for food?


began with a

pitcher of a refreshing sangria ($34), while sitting on the loggia


the stage below, where a reggae band was rocking. The lead singer groped at

the air

in front of a voluptuous female dancer on the bar.


best part of the meal came in the form of the famous "Mango"

Wings (8

Wings, $10.95). Eight, meaty pieces smothered in mango barbecue sauce arrives

with a

side of blue cheese dressing including modest chunks. The


sticks are a little bonus. But not long after devouring the

wings, with

the sweet, yet spicy, taste still lingering, your taste buds are crying




chose the tilapia

piccata ($20.95) and Mango's churrasco steak tacos ($18.95) as our

entrees. The

former is a filet of tilapia sautéed just right with tasteful garlic, white wine,


and caper sauce. A generous serving of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables as

accompaniments were also welcome. The steak tacos were under-stuffed with superb-tasting

churrasco. The two, slim soft tacos are served with soupy refried beans, yellow rice, sour cream, guacamole, and diced tomatoes.

Steak tacos
Steak tacos
John Zur

As we

watched the

Michael Jackson show, while the reggae band was on a self-proclaimed


break, we indulged in a quite sweet Mango's hot fudge brownie sundae


with warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, homemade caramel fudge, whipped


and chopped walnuts.


suggestion: To

best enjoy Mango's, sip on some drinks while chowing down on some of the


wings South Beach has to offer.

Mango's Tropical Cafe
900 Ocean Drive, South Beach

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