Restaurant Inspections

Maki House, El Rey Latino, El Portal, El Polinesio on the Roach Report

Roaches. They're not shy, they love to eat, and some can even quote Kafka. But none of that makes them a good dinner date. So what are they doing at our local restaurants? The same thing as everybody else; grabbing a bite to eat and trying to get laid.

Problem is, most of us hate the thought, sight, and especially taste of their crunchy translucent wings and fuzzy legs. Here are five restaurants that were served with emergency closure orders for the health and safety of the public by the state of Florida in June.

Bennigan's - 3449 Le Jeune Road - Miami Springs - Full Report
Health Inspector's Notes: "Observed food stored on floor. Observed 30 live roaches in the kitchen area and in the dry storage area."

El Rey Latino Restaurante Y Cafeteria
- 4700 NW Seventh St. suite 12 - Miami - Full Report
Health Inspector's Notes: "Objectionable odors in kitchen storage area. Live flies in kitchen. 50 plus live roaches in kitchen storage area by refrigerator."

El Portal Restaurant/Cafeteria
- 5395 W 20th Ave - Hialeah - Full Report
Health Inspector's Notes: "Toxic item stored in kitchen. 50+ live roaches in bar area."

El Polinesio Restaurant - 3120 W 16th Ave - Hialeah - Full Report
Health Inspector's Notes: " Rodent activity. Found 10+ fresh rodent droppings in kitchen areas.Observed rodent activity as evidenced by rodent droppings found. Roach activity evidenced by 15+ live roaches in the kitchen area."

Maki House Japanese Bistro
- 27 N Miami Ave - Miami - Full Report
Health Inspector's Notes:  Nonexempt fish has not undergone proper parasite destruction. Fish must be served cooked or discarded. Observed 20 live roaches in the kitchen area."

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