LOLA Ultra Lounge Coming to Delray Beach

Let's face it, west Delray isn't exactly the most happening place on the planet, so anything that might goose the action potential of an area best known for traffic jams and early bird (i.e., blue hair) specials has got to be a good thing. Right?

Wendy Rosano thinks so, anyway. The owner of the perpetually mobbed Cucina Mio on Jog Road expects to debut in mid-May an "ultra-lounge" called LOLA (Love Often, Laugh A lot). The combo restaurant-bar-lounge is going into the space almost next door formerly home to the Addison Steakhouse, a place where both love and laughter lasted as long as a thick, juicy New York strip in a pack of hungry wolverines.

The menu, Rosano says, will be "Mediterranean eclectic," which means not just Italian and lots of small plates to go along with entrees. Booze will be a big deal too--It is, after all, an ultra lounge--with fresh-made juices and mixes and an emphasis on "mixology" rather than slopping cheap vodka in a glass and popping the caps on cold Buds. There will also be a DJ, flashing LED lights, indoor and outdoor dining, and indoor and outdoor bars.

Might even be enough to keep the hungry wolverines from the door.

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