Knaus' cinnamon rolls
Knaus' cinnamon rolls
Photo by Laine Doss

Knaus Berry Farm Reopens for the Season October 31

There are no tricks here: Knaus Berry Farm is set to reopen for the season October 31.

The stand will open on Halloween at 8 a.m., filling the air with the intoxicating scent of warm cinnamon rolls.

Knaus, which closes every year in the late spring, traditionally reopens in late October or early November with famously long lines the first day of service. Each year, thousands of locals drive to the Redland in what has become a rite of autumn for many Miamians.

Knaus Berry Farm was founded in 1956 as a roadside stand, where Ray and Russell Knaus proffered berries. The brothers soon expanded their inventory to include pies, breads, and other baked goods when a fruit broker told Ray's wife Barbara that her cookies were good enough to sell. The rest is Miami history.

Today the farm is still run by Ray and Barbara's children and their families, and Knaus has expanded to offer fruit shakes, local vegetables, and preserves. It also offers U-pick strawberries and tomatoes later in the season.

The farm has been successful for decades, but Thomas Blocher, who heads operations, doesn't take anything for granted. Asked to confirm when Knaus would reopen, he replied, "Lord willing, we will open October 31." Blocher also quipped that he hopes he and his staff "don't forget how to do what we've done."

The family's humility also shows in the fact that the farm is closed every Sunday — normally the busiest day of the week for day-trippers to the Everglades and Miami-Dade's farming community.

Though the farm has taken baby steps into the modern world — its Instagram feed has nearly 17,000 followers and it's done collaborations with Miami Smokers, MDoughW, and the Salty Donut — not much else has changed. The farm is closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. And the bakery and farm stand accept cash only.

Cinnamon rolls cost $10.25 for a dozen, $5.50 for a half-dozen, and $1.10 each. Other items include fruit pies ($10), key lime or guava pies ($11 each), and assorted breads ($3.65 to $4.30 a loaf).

If you decide to drive there next Tuesday, expect long lines for cinnamon rolls. And because the farm offers very little shade, bring an umbrella. Luckily, you can always grab a fruit shake to cool you off while you wait.

Knaus Berry Farm. 15980 SW 248th St., Homestead; 305-247-0668; knausberryfarm.com. Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Closed Sunday.

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