Kitchen Prank: Cook Drinks Habanero Iced Tea

Hey eaters, guess what, while you're off in the dining room eating spaghetti at your favorite restaurant there's a whole universe of drama spinning in the kitchen. An entire Greek tragedy may have played out over your plate as it went out. One great tradition is the kitchen prank. Short Order's been creeping past dumpsters to the back of the house and asking the staff of places all over Miami for their stories. Here's one from a cook in central Dade:

This cook pranked me. He salted my drink, so I knew I had to get him back. He loved to drink iced tea. I told him someone wanted to talk to him or to go check a recipe to get him out of the kitchen. Everybody wanted to get him. We pureed four habaneros with a table spoon of water, put it on the rim of his glass and dumped about 3 ounces in his iced tea. Finally he came back and he's working and he don't take a drink til he been working and is very hot, and he sweaty and thirsty. He get his drink and he so thirsty he just start drinking and chugged it down and he start burning up and scream and curse. Then he said, "Fuck, dude, you got me good."

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