Joshua Woodward Table 8 Murder Update

Our own Francisco Alvarado was one of the first to write about Joshua

Woodward's arrest for suspicion of murder of his unborn child in Los

Angeles, but new and even stranger details from the case have begun to


Here's a quick recap thus far. Joshua Woodward is a Los Angeles restaurateur with business ties to Chicago and Miami. He partnered with Chef Govind Armstrong to bring Table 8 to South Beach. That company is now bankrupt. He is also partner in a company that licenses the 8 oz. Burger Bar location in Miami. He has nothing to with day-to-day operations at the Miami location.) 

Woodward was arrested on suspicion of purposely causing the death of his unborn 13 week old child, a fetus. He was not formally charged, meaning he can only be held 48 hours. His bail was set at $2 million.

The L.A. Times writes, "Sources familiar with the case, who did not want to be identified because of the ongoing investigation, said Woodward was suspected of placing an unspecified powder in the vaginal area of his girlfriend. The sources said police are in the process of testing the powder."

We will keep you updated as new information emerges.

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