Josh's Deli: Reubens, Jewbans, and More

Josh's Delicatessen and Appetizing,  in the old Chow Down Grill Surfside location, is just right for the spot.

In an effort to bring the old Jewish-deli concept back where, surprisingly, there isn't one like it, Josh Marcus and his second in command, Jason Suttmiller, offer all the favorites: pastrami, corned beef, Reubens, and tongue sandwiches, among plenty of others.

It's a perfectly quaint deli, and though it's not Kosher, it's completely Kosher with us.

I made it to Josh's Deli after a full night's travel the previous day. Exhausted and functioning on four hours of sleep, I was greeted by a warm welcome. "Look at you. You look like a flowy vision," Marcus said. I then asked Suttmiller to hit me up with a "Jewban." I was on my way to sandwich salvation.

Out popped my Jewban ($9.95), a pressed sandwich consisting of pastrami and roast pork, house-made pickles and mustard, Swiss cheese, and crunchy Cuban bread.

Each sandwich arrives with a small side of homemade coleslaw and a dill pickle spear. The cheese was gooey, the pastrami and roast pork meaty, and the sandwich was pleasantly hot.

I asked for a pastrami sandwich ($9.95) to go. Suttmiller requested that I let him know a few minutes before I planned on leaving so he could prepare it then.

The pastrami sandwich was like a not-so-little piece of heaven. The meat was tender and immensely tasty. The rye was soft with a slightly crunchy crust. (While Marcus and Suttmiller negotiate with the bakery next door, working on things like reliability, Pepperidge Farm rye was perfectly suitable.)

There isn't anything like Josh's Deli around here, unless you trek to Aventura. But even if there were delis everywhere around Miami, Josh's would be the one where you'd find the best experience.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.