Hot Plates: Martine Cameau at STK

Yes, it's Monday. But in honor of another workweek beginning, Short Order wants to brighten your day with Hot Plates, a look at the beautiful men and women who work at local restaurants and bars.

Newcomer STK is teeming with pulchritudinous servers, bartenders, and hostesses. However, hostess Martine Cameau caught our eye at the steak-house-cum-lounge, which is located at the Gansevoort South Hotel in Miami Beach. The 25-year-old part-time model has been manning the hostess stand since the restaurant's debut January 1. Most nights, you can find her wearing a form-fitting American Apparel outfit and a huge smile while greeting customers. Maybe it's all of those STK Shots.

New Times: What is the sexiest item on STK's menu?

Martine Cameau: I have a thing for tuna tartare. Also, the cheesecake lollipops. It's cheesecake on a stick with chocolate. And you can never go wrong with chocolate.

NT: How often are you hit on? How do you handle lecherous customers?

MC: We have a very friendly clientele. Being modest, I'd say I get hit on at least once a night. I'm friendly. There's nothing wrong with flirting. Just as long as they aren't being disrespectful.

NT: Describe the scene at STK.

MC: It's definitely sexy. We have a very nice-looking crowd. It's a who's who of South Beach.

NT: How do you unwind after work?

MC: With a cocktail. I'm really into the STK Shot, which is Patrón XO Café. It's my new shot of choice because it doesn't taste like tequila.

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